3 Ways To Help People Feel Important

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When you help others feel important, you help yourself feel important too.

One of the elevator operators who carried me “up and down” for several months had the look of complete unimportance written all over. She was fiftyish, unattractive, and certainly uninspired in her work. It was obvious that her longing to be important was completely unfulfilled. She was one of the millions of people who live for months at a time without ever being given a reason to believe that someone notices them or cares about them.

One morning shortly after I became one of her regular “uppers and downers,” I noticed that she had had her hair redone. It was nothing fancy. It was obviously a homemade job. But it had been cut and it did look better.

So I said, “Miss S. (Note: I had learned her name), I do like what you’ve done to your hair. It really looks fine.” She blushed, said, “Thank you, sir,” and nearly missed her next stop. She appreciated the compliment.

The next morning, lo and behold, when I stepped into the elevator I heard, “Good morning, Dr. Schwartz.” Not one time before had I heard this operator address, anyone, by name. and in the remaining months that I had an office in the building, I never heard anyone called by name except me. I had made the operator feel important. I had sincerely complimented her and called her by their name.

I had made her feel important. Now she was repaying me by making me feel important.

Let’s not kid ourselves. People who do not have a deep-down feeling of self-importance are slated for mediocrity. Again and again, this point must be driven home.

You must feel important to succeed. Helping others to feel important rewards you because it makes you feel more important. Try it and see.

Here’s how to do it:

1- Practice appreciation. Make it a rule to let others know you appreciate what they do for you. Never, never let anyone feel he is taken for granted. Practice appreciation with a warm, sincere smile. A smile lets others know you notice them and feel kindly toward them.

2- Practice calling people by their names. Every year shrewd manufacturers sell more briefcases, pencils, bibles, and hundreds of other items just by putting the buyer’s name on the product. People like to be called by name. it gives everyone a boost to be addressed by name.

3- Don’t hog glory, invest it instead. Just recently I was a guest at an all-day sales convention. After dinner that evening the vice president in charge of sales for the company passed out awards to the two district managers, a man, and a woman, whose sales organizations had attained the best records for the year just ended.



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