Want To Make More Money? Consider Being Enthusiastic

Marcos Brakenridge
3 min readMay 1, 2021

Consider just one characteristic of successful people: Enthusiasm.

Ever notice how an enthusiastic salesperson in a department store gets you, the customer, more excited about the merchandise? Or have you observed how an enthusiastic minister or other speaker has a wide-awake, alert, enthusiastic audience? If you have enthusiasm, those around you will have it, too.

But how does one develop enthusiasm? The basic step is simple: Think enthusiastically. Build-in yourself an optimistic, progressive glow, a feeling that “this is great and I’m 100 percent for it.”

You are what you think. Think enthusiasm and you’ll be enthusiastic. To get high-quality work, be enthusiastic about the job you want to be done. The other will catch the enthusiasm you generate, and you’ll get a first-class performance.

Give yourself a pep talk several times daily.

Several months ago, an automobile salesman told me about the success-producing technique he’s developed. It makes sense. Read it.

“A big part of my job, for two hours a day,” the salesman explained, “is telephoning prospects to arrange demonstration appointments. When I first started selling cars three years ago, this was my big problem. I was shy and afraid, and I know my voice sounded that way on the phone. It was easy for people I called to say, ‘I’m not interested,’ and hang up.

“Every Monday morning back then our sales manager held a sales meeting. It was a pretty inspirational affair, and it made me feel good. And what’s more, I always seemed to arrange more demonstrations on Monday than on any other day. But the trouble was that little of Monday’s inspiration carried over to Tuesday and the rest of the week.

“Then I got an idea. If the sales manager can pep me up, why can’t I pep myself up? Why not give me a pep talk just before I start making those phone calls? That day I decided to try it. Without telling anyone I walked out on the lot and found a vacant car. Then for several minutes, I talked to myself. I told myself, ‘I’m a good car salesman and I’m going to be the best. I sell good cars and I give good deals. The people I’m phoning need those cars and I’m going to sell them.’

“Well, from the very beginning this self-supercharging paid off. I felt so good I didn’t dread making those calls. I wanted to make them. I no longer go out on the lot and sit in a car to give myself a pep talk. But I still use the technique. Before I dial a number, I silently remind myself that I’m a top-notch salesman and I’m going to get results, and I do.”

That’s a pretty good idea, isn’t it? To be on top, you’ve got to feel like you’re on top.

Give yourself a pep talk and discover how much bigger and stronger you feel.



Marcos Brakenridge

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